A few images published in BBR Magazine

 I recently had some images published in BBR magazine, which is an American Bodyboarding Magazine.

(Images listed left to right)

Shot 1: Jacob Reeve in perfect moment at peak which is often less than perfect.

Shot 2: A single image from the sequence below was featured in the magazine but I felt like the full sequence needed be shown to do it justice. The rider is Matt Meyer doing an “Inverse” which is inverted air to reverse 360. Matt got bucked on the landing, but his form is pretty flawless for such a difficult maneuver.

Shot 3: The shot below is of Thomas Gaulke; a rider fueled with vigorous passion for the sport of bodyboarding. Thomas is a good bodyboarder and friend, who I’m always stoked to share waves with. Don’t be fooled by this romantic little carve; the guy can bust out a serious bag of tricks.

Shot 4 : Jacob in midst one of his trademark looping air reverses... Jacob is legend in the bodyboarding community and I’m proud to say has been a mentor to me since I was a child.

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